18th Aug


  • Ready for delivery in as few as 4 months
  • No interior hospital space needed
  • Several leasing options available
  • Can accommodate equipment from Siemens or Philips
  • Designed for the latest surgical LED lighting, equipment carriers and flat screen displays
  • Video integration of Radiographic images and all MIS images including PACS
  • Well-planned structure with all medical gases, HVAC, plumbing and electrical utilities
  • Complete stand-alone cardiac catheterization laboratory
  • Permanent or temporary use


What Your Surgical Staff will like:

  • Space can be used for general surgery when not in use as interventional room
  • Approx. 1000 sq.ft. surgical area
  • Cabinet systems and shelving custom-built
  • Instrument storage room
  • Large storage room for mobile equipment (heart/lung machine, ultrasound machines, etc.)
  • Separate entrance from control room to non-sterile area
  • Compatible with all standard OR surgical tables, anesthesia machines and other devices and closed procedures
  • Extended rails on C-arm track assure maximum flexibility during open and closed procedures
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