About Us

Advanced Mobile Hospital Systems, Inc. (AMoHS™) is a Veteran-Owned Business, that develops and delivers mobile and transportable surgical and medical facilities, as well as modular structures, for temporary and permanent use. These facilities provide effective alternatives to permanent hospital structures that are too expensive and time-consuming to construct and activate, and lack the flexibility to adapt to changing demands.

AMoHS has incorporated elements from the design of over 100 brick and mortar facilities developed over the past nearly 30 years, in a very safe and efficient manner, resulting in a Mobile Surgery Facility that is regulatory compliant and certified for Medicare reimbursement. AMoHS has placed units at hospitals ranging in size from 500+ bed teaching hospitals down to smaller critical access facilities. AMoHS is constantly making design improvements to keep up with the ever-changing landscape that is the US healthcare delivery system.

AMoHS is the undisputed leader in design of mobile healthcare facilities, being the first company ever to design a patented, Medicare reimbursable Mobile Surgery Facility (MSF), over 25 years ago. Its design has been copied, but never duplicated.

AMoHS also holds a patent for the only Transportable Hybrid Operating Room (THOR™).

Recently, as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of mobile hospital systems, AMoHS considered everything known today, factored in everything possible in a mobile facility, and solicited the opinions of the top thought leaders and experts on the Ebola treatment front throughout the US, in designing the first safe and clinically sound mobile Isolation and Containment Unit (AICU™). The AICU ™ is patent pending.


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