4th Dec


AMoHS Issued New THOR Patent
Transportable Hybrid OR

Transportable Hybrid OR

AMoHS is very excited about the issuance of a new patent for its Transportable Hybrid Operating Room – THOR™. This is another first by the company. THOR™ provides a large and modern transportable Hybrid OR environment in which to perform sophisticated new procedures, without bricks and mortar. “We found that there was definitely a need for such a product, as most hospitals require extensive, time-consuming and costly renovations, due to the minimum amount of space such a room requires..” said Jeffrey Merino, AMoHS’ CEO. “THOR™ provides a solution, allowing continued revenue generation, during those renovations”. For more information go to AMoHS’ website at www.amohs.com.

AMoHS was also the first company to patent a Medicare reimbursable Mobile Surgery Facility (MSF), over 25 years ago.

The company also just introduced the first mobile and transportable Isolation and Containment Unit, the AICU™, designed to be operated independently of the hospital facility, to isolate and contain patients exhibiting symptoms of, or known to have, Ebola or other transmittable contagious diseases. The AICU™ is patent pending.

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