Brian M. Levine, MD

115 (1) On April 10, 1990, U.S. Patent No. 4,915,435, entitled “Mobile Operating Room with Pre and Post-Operational Areas,” was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to Brian M. Levine, MD. Doctor Levine’s goal was to provide an expandable-sided tractor trailer having all of the features and equipment required for invasive surgery in a bricks-and-mortar surgical facility. He intended that his invention would be the first such mobile surgical facility to meet Medicare reimbursable criteria.

The medical community, world-wide, owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Levine, for his dedication and foresight, as mobile surgical facilities covered by his patent, and variations thereof, have been delivered throughout the U.S., and internationally, improving the quality of healthcare delivery everywhere.

The patent, which expired in April, 2009, is owned by Tractus Medical, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMoHS, Inc. AMoHS is proud of its association with Dr. Levine, and thanks him for his contribution.