24th May


Contractor Showcase Success
BBCS team

AMoHS team members and associates

AMoHS got a wonderful reception at a conference recently held at Mile High Stadium in Denver. We had the ears of at least a dozen of the major general contractors in CO and nationally. All are truly amazed to learn of a way to get this work done without having to phase the construction. They get the picture instantly. A neighboring booth’s employees must have spent at least an hour or so in our booth learning more. They alone have seven current operating room renovation projects on the books in CO alone. They told us that at least two of those projects were at the stage where AMoHS units could still be incorporated, and that they were going to check on their national bid schedule to see where the use of the units could be incorporated in their bids to help them gain the competitive edge in getting the awards.

While still germinating, given the fact that we just started addressing this contractor market in January, we are definitely on the right niche market track.

We have many respected supporters of AMoHS, and are viewed as one of the most unique and inventive in the hospital industry.

The national AMoHS email launch will occur within the next 30-45 days, with the AMoHS message going to every hospital designer, engineer, architect and contractor in the country, with a specially designed message to all those types in CA.

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