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Davenport Hospital Construction To Make History
Davenport Hospital Facility

This is an artist rendition of the new hospital facility being constructed in Davenport, Iowa

Davenport is preparing for one of the largest hospital construction projects in the town’s history.  Construction will begin in June, with the goal of positioning Genesis Health System as a leading U.S medical provider.  This should vastly aid all hospital processes.

This construction project, estimated at $138.5 million, has been announced and will improve on the Genesis Medical Center campus.  This project includes 115,000 square feet of renovations and 203,000 square feet of new construction at the Davenport Genesis hospital campus.

During this 4 year project, all surgical and medical services in a new 7 floor facility on the Rusholme Street campus should prove to be a vast improvement.  Above the current hospital’s cafeteria, kitchen and executive office spaces, sixty-four patient rooms and one dozen spacious operating rooms are planned to be constructed.

This is the biggest project Genesis has ever planned after being formed almost 20 years ago involving a merger between former Mercy Hospital and St. Luke’s.  St. Luke’s is the facility that will be replaced, renovated and enlarged.

According to Doug Cooper, CEO and president of Genesis, short-term hospital services will be accommodated by the East Rusholme campus.  More intensive, long-term care will be provided by the West Central Park campus, including rehabilitative and cancer services.  Behavior health and The Sleep Center accommodations will also be provided by the West Central Park campus, which is expected to geo within this hospital’s gamut of services.

According to Cropper, this will combine various services on multiple campuses, combining them into one facility.  This will join entire teams of technicians, anesthetists, nurses and others into one single facility in a brand new space.

Since Genesis runs the largest medical rehab program in Iowa at the West Central Park campus, Croken indicated that area will also expand and improve.  Radiation oncology and behavior health are also slated for growth in that facility.

Wayne Diewald, the health system’s COO and president of Genesis reports that Genesis Medical Center has the busiest trauma center in Iowa.  75,000 patients visit the emergency department yearly according to Diewald.

The West Central Park Campus will maintain emergency medicine for the time being, but a bigger department is slated for construction on the East Rusholme site.  The new construction at this site will expand into what is currently kitchen and boardroom facilities.

Dr. Joseph Lohmuller, chief medical officer at Genesis says both emergency departments are undersized right now. Overcrowding is the result of the undersized facility, he says.  Patients confirm this as well, who may experience hour-plus waiting time, parked on a gurney in a hallway until a bed is available in a cubicle or room.

Operating rooms at the current Genesis facility were built in the 1960’s.  According to Diewald, new-age surgical practices may require as many as three physicians to attend to a single patient’s care.  Existing facilities can barely accommodate these doctors, Diewald says.  There is not adequate room for state-of-the-art machinery like the da Vinci robotic system which is often used in some heart operations.

A new entrance, with an appropriately sized parking lot will be included in the new seven-story tower construction project.  64 patient beds will be housed in two new floors, with one new floor left open temporarily to allow flexible use by officials.

Genesis will also be poised to build a state-of-the-art facility after these improvements.  These improvements will be very cost-efficient in the long run.

According to Cropper, he believes this new construction positions their facility for the best the future has to offer.

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