16th Mar


$194M in Grants Awarded for Ebola Hospital Preparedness
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HHS Awards $194M in Grants for Ebola Hospital Preparedness

The interest at the Federal, state and local levels in identification, isolation, containment, transport and treatment of patients suspected of having contracted the Ebola virus and like diseases has NOT gone away, nor has the opportunity for AMoHS’ Isolation and Containment Unit (AICU™).

Attached find a recent (February 23, 2015) article about HHS‘ $194M Ebola Hospital Preparedness Grant program, and mention of the $145.5M Public Health Emergency Preparedness program, making $339.5M available. The funding appropriation passed with bipartisan support in Congress just two months ago, in December, 2014.

The AMoHS AICU™ is the product that specifically addresses the need for the facilities referred to in the yellow highlighted paragraph in the attached article, AND the AICU™ is the ONLY game in town!

AMoHS has been in a dialogue with a physician, P.J. Schenarts, MD, whose credentials are dead on, in that he heads up one of the top Ebola bio-containment facilities in the US, at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, is a retired US Army Colonel, has an EMS background, but most importantly, espouses exactly what HHS is proposing. Dr. Schenarts is a pioneer in this field, and conceived of the idea of having units like the AICU™ at the ready throughout the country, from the first time an Ebola patient presented in the US, in the Fall of 2014, and was immediately transported to the U of Nebraska facility.

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