9th Aug


Hospital Construction for Mentally Ill Scheduled to Complete Three Years Late
Goldsboro, NC Hospital

Goldsboro, NC hospital under construction

Construction problems are plaguing a hospital dedicated to catering to the mentally ill in Goldsboro, North Carolina.  The project is now three years behind schedule.

Originally scheduled to be completed towards the end of 2012, officials from the Department of Health and Human Services are now expecting completion of the new Cherry Hospital in 2015.

2010 marked the year construction on the hospital was started. This expansion is specifically aimed at increasing services for the state’s mentally ill, but four years later Goldsboro has seen the project yet to reach fruition.

Due to the very old age of the current hospital, lots of upkeep and repairs are greatly needed.  The hospital should be a success if these problems can be resolved, claims Paul Buday, a retiree of the hospital who worked in maintenance.

With the new renovations, there will be 314 inpatient beds available for the mentally ill, compared to the existing 117 beds, helping the mentally ill drastically.

Deby Dihoff, Director of National Alliance on Mental Illness North Carolina explaions “we have a huge problem, a very huge problem… there simply are not enough beds for people who need them in North Carolina”

According to Dihoff, many patints in need of mental care are mistakenly taken to emergency rooms instead of the proper facilities for care.

“When you think about somebody with a serious thought disorder being in a place like an emergency department where there’s chaos and noise and stretchers and doctors. They need a calming kind of space and whats more, they need to initiate treatment long before 3.7 days.”

DHHS officials indicated it may be 2015 before patients start moving in.  Issues with the contractor and subcontractors have lead to the delay of the finished remodel.

More work must be completed after the construction is finished on the Cherry Hospital.  Final inspections, installing equipment and training staff add to the list of tasks at hand.


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