27th Jan


Hospital plan in Lake Forest, Illinois approved by City Council
Lake Forest Hospital

Rendition of completed hospital remodel

Unanimous approval was granted by the Lake Forest City Council for the design and architecture blueprints of a new hospital as well as medical offices.  Tuesday, January 21, 2014 marked the end of an eighteen month-long process. Construction will begin towards the end of 2014.

Landscaping and the exterior lighting plan were approved in this vote, with support from the 8 city aldermen (of the 8, Ald. Stanford Track is a medical doctor)

Some areas of concern to the public included traffic flow limitations, building height and overall open space. Cathy Czerniak, Director of Community Development, addressed these issues directly.

To alleviate the public, Cathy said the final building plans included areas where no construction was allowed, leaving buffers ranging from 75 feet to 250 feet from surrounding public roads. Included in the approval are perimeter areas surrounding the hospital, which will classify these buffers as permanent open space.

To alleviate any traffic buildup, improved access to the campus was constructed from east and west sides.  Direct access to Route 41 from the epicenter of the campus was opened late-2013, which should handle practically all construction traffic.  One of the top priorities for engineers involved is to keep the impact on local residents to a minimum.

Resident’s top concerns included the crescent shaped pavilions, which will stay below the eighty-one foot maximum height which was previously determined by city officials.  According to Czerniak, all segments of the new building will fall below what had previously been approved.

This hospital’s construction plan was deemed remarkable by Mayor Donald Schoenheider.  To quote Mayor Schoenheider, “to have this type of project and this type of world class healthcare in the Lake Forest community, we’re incredibly fortunate.”

Alderman Reisenberg, who initially motioned for plan approval was very pleased with the outcome.  All involved in plan development have had their expectations met, if not exceeded. This first class facility will serve the community for many decades into the future, and will provide healthcare needs as well as advancement in the medical field.





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